Shripradha Bhat

Hi! Welcome to the inside of my head. It is rarely this organized but you bet I had a fantastic time putting together my work for you.

Enjoy this virtual tour in the most imaginative, creative, and whimsical corners of my brain. If you like what you see, holler at me!

Get To Know Me

My name is Shriprada Bhat. I come from a business economics background with a Masters' degree in European Studies. I have prior experience in sales and marketing and as I advanced, I found myself with a keen interest in marketing. I have interned and freelanced for several companies as a copywriter, which allowed me to question how does advertising really works. Hint, it has a lot to do with behavioral economics!

Writing is my passion, as a statement, has been passed around quite often that I believe it does not have the same impact anymore. To elaborate, I always filled my free time with activities such as writing down short stories of things that intrigued and excited me. Around 2012, I began dabbling in amateur writing on Wattpad, a popular platform for aspiring writers. I still find a sense of pride in saying I have written a story of over forty thousand words that had a small reach on the vast internet. I soon ventured into World Anvil, another platform for RPG writers and gamers, where I developed my skills in setting up the narrative for games, character development, and building worlds. Practice makes a person perfect might be an over-used phrase, but it is not a false one.

I am currently freelancing as a copywriter, while I am working on a psychological thriller novel. This portfolio serves as a window into my past work and future avenues. 

Featured Work

Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.

Some More Of My Work

When I worked as a copywriter, in a short period of time I was lucky to work for some of the top Indian brands as well as popular brands of the UAE.

This gave me the opportunity to learn and improve my writing and understand the tonality of different brands. In addition, I also learned why is it important for writers to shed their opinions and write from an unbiased place, especially when you're writing for other brands.

Here are some of the social media posts I worked on that went online. Enjoy!

When I'm Not Working

From crocheting to surfing. Instead of talking about my hobbies, allow me to show you why I am absolutely in love with life!

I am a writer, no doubt. When I'm not writing, however, I'm trying to soak up as many experiences, places, and adventures as possible. I delicately strum my ukulele. My green finger's always planting and gardening. I am forever chasing sunsets and the mountains never fail to entice me. Crocheting various unique hats and tops is as delightful as baking vanilla cakes. When I find time, I annoy my little feline friend and give it all my love. Surfing is scary, however, I am just as glad to accompany my brother to the sea as he rides the waves. I will stretch as much as my body will allow. Most recently, I achieved the split and have been boasting about it ever since!

This is me. Not all of me but the best of me. I love that for a single lifetime, the world has a lot to offer and I want to experience it all. But I cannot deny that there are days I find it difficult to simply roll out of my bed. And, that is when I try and remind myself that I am a writer with a purpose and a story to tell. A story only I can tell.

Curious about me?

There is more of where that came from. Let's get in touch to talk some more.